The Block Report Goes Live For Debut Open Mic Night

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

15 Feb 2022

As we await the 5th season of The Block Report – now transitioning into a limited series – what is usually presented on the bench of a North London estate, took centre stage last Thursday when show host, Flashy Sillah, pulled off the debut ‘The Block Report: Open Mic Live’ event.

The host scouted talents throughout the last month and whittled the performers of the night down to five; offering the winner a free music upload on Mixtape Madness. Attracting a large flow of budding music lovers and artists to the event, many attendees described the night as a revival of ground-level engagement between music consumers and the talents that the UK’s entertainment scene has to offer.

Previous seasons of The Block Report have echoed the open mic’s show-and-tell element with the running ‘Hot Picks of the Week’ segment of the show where Flashy Sillah plugs his audience with 10 just-released singles, panning from underground to major talents.

Following the announcement of the night’s winner and a teaser from his next bench guest, Youngs Teflon, The Block Report is set to return and be more necessary to our scene than ever. Tap in here.