The Chart Update: Unknown T charts top 10 with brand new album “Adolescence”!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

6 Aug 2021

The official charts has been the olympics for British music for years. And since the rap world and all black music surrounding has recently entered the race we have decided the documentation of our progress as a scene is paramount. ivermectin 2015

Speaking of progress, the artist who has displayed a fair share of progression this week is the one and only, Unknown T. ivermectin for flu It seems that the rapper effortless ability to flow across a vibrant array of rap and drill beats with his iconically bass-laden tone. Has ad-libbed his way into both our playlists and our hearts. ivermectina ou anita

Unknown T has undoubtedly showed growth in both the sonic direction of his project and his place on the chart this year following debut project, “Rise Above Hate.” Delivering his sophomore album “Adolescence” last week the rapper found himself at an impressive number 8 position. Amongst the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Anne Marie, KSI and the previous weeks star-boy Dave with “We’re all alone in this together”; who gracefully sits at 2nd place behind a new entry from mega superstar, Billie Ellish who released “Happier Than Ever” to her eager fans. 

Jumping into the single charts, which look similar to last week. We see several singles from Billie Ellish’s album, this is to be expected thanks to her taking the number 1 spot this week. Moving on to other new entries including rap legend, Skepta who arrives at 38 with his latest track titled “Nirvana” featuring J Balvin. Towards the tail end of the table, we find  A1 & J1’s “Baby” at 98 and Arrdee’s “Jiggy” at 99.

Be sure to check back in with us next Friday for the news on how Fredo’s “Independence Day” performs!