The Silhouette Project Delivers Latest Single “Like We Used To” Featuring Kofi Stone, Joe Beard & Purple Cloud

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

3 Dec 2020

The Silhouette Project has treated us to another addition of their compilation. In the form of new single “Like We Used To” featuring Kofi Stone, Joe Bread and Purple Cloud. 

Flowing over a smooth instrumentation-driven backdrop. Kofi immediately begins to pen relatable and conscious raps that speak to the 21st century dating experience.

During the wordsmith delves deeper into his emotions, while painting a picture filled with yearning and a side of romantic disconnect.

Following Joe Beard breaks the introspect in increments with his soothing and soulful vocal chops on the chorus. Which lulls us out of Kofi’s deep thought evoking narrative.

Be sure to tune into Like We Used To below and on Apple Music…