Tiana Major9 Has Annouced Her Forthcoming EP ‘AT SIXES AND SEVENS’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

21 Jul 2020

Rising star Tiana Major9 has announced the release of her forthcoming debut EP titled, AT SIXES AND SEVENS.

Alongside the EP announcement, which is set to arrive on August 7th, Tiana Major9 is also releasing the first episode of her new autobiographical 4-part miniseries named BEHIND AT THE SIXES AND SEVENS. The series will explore the evolution of Tiana and each episode melodically chronicles the expansion of her sound, artistry, perspective and journey to her signing with Motown Records through her music and lyrics.

Speaking on her forthcoming EP, which centres her classic influences immersed in her contemporary feel, Tiana states; “To be at Sixes and Sevens means to be at a state of total confusion…Love is confusing.”