Tokyo 2021 Likely To Be Cancelled

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Jan 2021

Bad news for athletics lovers as the Tokyo 2022 Olympics will likely be cancelled. Originally meant to take place in 2020 the Tokyo Olympics will now fall victim to covid twice, according to Sir Keith Mills.

The former chief executive of the London 2012 Olympics said it was “unlikely” that the Tokyo Games would take place this summer due to the pandemic. He suggested organisers, should be “making plans for a cancellation” and that “they’ve got another month or so before they need to make a call.”

Scheduled to run from 23 July to 8 August, the viability of the games taking place become harder and harder to see with Tokyo it self currently in a state of emergency after an increase in coronavirus cases.

The organisers however are not giving up on the games happening this year and even plan on having fans in the stands, committing to not holding the events behind closed doors. “Our position remains – we will deliver the Games,” Masa Takaya said.