Top Hair Surgeon Warns Men Too Much Masturbation Can Cause Hair Loss

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

7 May 2022

A top hair transplant surgeon has warned men that masturbating “too much” could end up causing premature hair loss.

The bold, no pun intended, claims are by Dr Umear Ahmad, from award-winning hair transplant clinic Juvida. روليت كازينو

However, the advice is only meant for the most fervent self-lovers amongst us. إلعب واربح Dr Ahmad explained that although vitamin A, which is found in semen, is important in regards to hair loss, a guy would need to be “pretty much non-stop masturbating” to see any noticeable difference. العب اون لاين مجانا  

He said: “You’d have to be quite severely vitamin A deficient before you had a noticeable deterioration in your hair line. You’d have to be pretty much non-stop masturbating throughout the day before it had any sort of effect on your hair,”

“Theoretically, if you masturbated enough, the answer is yes but actually on a practical level it’s not going to really have any real effect on hair loss.”