Tory Lanez announces three upcoming projects!

Tory Lanez returns with news of more music just weeks after his album’s release!

April 28, 2020 Rehana Harmony

Tory Lanez is keeping up his impressive work rate.

Leaving just a fortnight between his last album’s release. Before relishing in his newly-found independence from former label Interscope, by teasing with news of three short upcoming projects; including a 80’s-influenced album, an acoustic ensemble and a Spanish joint.

Speaking on his current situation, “I just wanted to make sure I gave [the fans] what they wanted and what they could expect, because I’m about to go back to a lot of the classic sounds that I had and I’m about to start putting out real music again,” he shared with Apple Music. “I’ve just been with a label, and I never wanted to give them any of my best music, so I’ve been holding my best music back for like five years.”

It looks like we’ve go a lot to look forward to!