Twitter Is The Joining The Club

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 Nov 2020

This week Twitter launched Fleets following in the footsteps of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp in shamelessly ripping off Snapchat’s 24hr story model. It seems no idea is safe whether new or old and Twitter will be making a similar move on newcomer app Clubhouse.

It was reported that Twitter will have their very own voice chat room area, with plans to get it out for trial sometime in 2021. Clubhouse, the invite-only social platform where users congregate in voice chat rooms, sudden rise in popularity has piqued the interest of at least one the tech big boys.

The new Twitter feature is an effort to create another way to communicate on the platform, allowing people to take more control over how and who has access to certain conversations on the app. It could be a way to curb some of the harassment and trolling that is rife on the platform and also the company said it would be giving first access of the “Spaces” feature to women and people of marginalised communities.