Twitter Testing Out Dislike Feature

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

22 Jul 2021

Selected iOS Twitter users will now be able to dislike (downvote) tweets as part of research study.

The goal of what is being called a “small research experiment” is “to understand the types of replies you find relevant”, Twitter says.

The upvote and downvote buttons will be added to replies, and for some users even replace the “Like” button entirely. In some cases, the upvote and downvote buttons may be up arrows and down arrows and for others thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. لعب قمار حقيقي

The downvotes will also not be visible to anyone other than the user and will not change the order of replies behaving similarly to Reddit’s upvoting/downvoting system.

Cody Elam, a user researcher at Twitter, tweeted that the change “gives people the power to privately voice their opinion on the quality of replies without publicly shaming others while also giving us more nuanced feedback. لعب بينجو

This seems to be an area of importance for Twitter who earlier this year, were spotted surveying users about their interest in a broader set of emoji-style reactions, similar to what you’d find on Facebook.