UK Councils Look To Introduce Monthly Bin Collection Plan To Encourage Recycling

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

13 Feb 2023

Some UK Councils are gearing up to introduce monthly bin collections in an effort to encourage recycling.

Authorities in Torfaen are set to hold a consultation on plans for three-weekly or monthly bin collections to boost “stagnating” recycling rates.

The Welsh government will fine councils £100,000 for every percentage point they are short of the 70% target recycling rate.

Torfaen achieved a 64% recycling rate in 2019, but that dropped to 62% over the next two years.

The move would follow in the footsteps of Conwy council who reduced bin collections in 2018 and saw a boost in recycling rates.

Other councils are also weighing up monthly bin collection like
Flintshire council.

If the change was to be approved residents would see their bin collection go from fortnightly to three weekly or monthly, introduced around March 2024.