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Mixtape Madness Team

2 Aug 2013


Underground sensation Little Torment illustrates why his unique flow is going to take him along away!! As usual Joe Black turns up with an ill verse,

“Imma slave to my phone, but its making me cash, can’t stay away from the trap, the roads know I’m making it happen”

[Make sure you down Little Torment’s Behind Closed Doors mixtape]

Little Torment Feat Joe Black – Making It Happen:


Bashy has never been shy when it comes to creativity and this track definitely takes me down TDK memory lane. He cleverly infuses the name of classic garage and grime tracks into his verses. The double entendre shouldn’t be slept on. Anoraks and sing a long crew tell us how many bangers he quotes, here is a little helping hand::

“I don’t smoke the reefa, back in the day Alize was a creeper, I used to rock Patrick Cox and Ben Sherman like a Geeza, I was a little man, Chocolate boy and the girls knew the sugar was sweeter, I see a body like POW, I was like OI!, that was my summer of love, fly by like I had love buzz, I was some sort of Romeo, she said your no good for me but I’m never gona let you go, it was do la le, and thats straight from the heart, back in the day the raves were so cold you would have thought it was an Eskimo Dance”

Hears some old skool Bashy you will enjoy, Bashy “Ur Mum Vol. 1”

Ps God Bless DJ Deekline

We had throw in this sicka freestyle from Amplify Dot:

“Me, I cut you down like taxes, spin you like a globe on its axis, lay you out turn that globe into an atlas, acting like your candles when your ass ain’t matches, your all fake online like catfish”

Look out for her debut album, “Paper Cuts”. In the meantime check out Amplify Dot’s Spare Parts mixtape.