Unknown P Shares Debut Track “Piers Morgan”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Nov 2020

Acclaimed comedian and entertainer Munya Chawawa releases his debut single titled, Piers Morgan under his prolific character named Unknown P.

Housing production from Munya and Rymez, this hard-hitting and greaze enriched single is filled with comedic lines from start to finish. lactating goat ivermectin Housing an infectious hook, Piers Morgan explores a day in the life of Unknown P, all whilst teasing the upper-class British people against the contrasting backdrop.

Speaking on the release of the single, Munya commented; I created Unknown P as a nod towards the appropriation and false ownership of black culture that often happens in western societies. Drill is very much portrayed as violent music for violent people, as a means of stubbing out a form of expression for many black young men…when in reality, it’s a genre of music enjoyed by people of all demographics across the world… Unknown P comes to burst the bubble of what the stereotypical drill artist and fan ‘should’ look like. He’s a pheasant-eating, Brexit-backing Tory who loves the genre as much as the next man and furthermore, he’s a decent drill artist in his own right.”

Watch the Piers Morgan visuals above.