US Air Force Using Cell Therapy To Create Soldiers With Wolverine-Like Powers

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 Feb 2021

Americas military is no stranger to weird technologies and it would seem they’re back at this time with Cell Therapy. The US Airforce is exploring a way as to how they can make future personnel heal their wounds in an instant. 

Kind of like Deadpool and Wolverine research at the University of Michigan is working towards wounds, burns and other injuries earned in the field of battle healing five times faster than what occurs naturally with the human body.

A ‘spray-on’ bandage could possibly be used to apply transcriptions (cell programming used to modify its genome using proteins). These stop different genes so as ‘to regulate activities such as cell division and growth, and cell migration and organization’.

After modifying the gene, the sequence would then be able to be written so that it can turn into a different type of cell when necessary. So if a soldier was injured where their muscle is showing, the cells can be reprogrammed into skin cells to quickly cover the wound.

Dr. Indika Rajapakse, associate professor of computational medicine and bioinformatics, and of mathematics, at the University of Michigan said in regard to spray-on bandages : “This method would convert exposed deep muscle cells into surface skin cells, which would mean a higher probability of successful healing than the current methods of skin grafting.

“We have the resources to do this, and it is our obligation to take full advantage of them”.