Vaping Can Shrink Testicles, Reduce Sperm Count & Hamper Sex Drive According To New Study

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 Sep 2023

A new study has found that vaping can actually shrink the size of testicles, reduce sperm counts and hamper sex drive.

Working with male rats, Turkish researchers examined the testicle size and sperm counts of rats before and after exposure to cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapours.

Rats exposed to e-cigarette vapour had a sperm count of 95.1 million sperm per ml, compared to 98.5 million per ml in the group who were not exposed to any nicotine substances.

Published in Spanish journal Revista Internacional de Andrología, the researchers said in the report: “It should be considered that although [e-cigarette] liquid has been introduced as harmless in smoking cessation studies, it could increase oxidative stress and cause morphological changes in the testicle,”

Despite the remarkable findings, researches have conceded that “more research is needed to understand the post-exposure spermiogram results”, to make sure of the data’s transferability to humans.