West London Duo Alexander & Jet Drop Playful Single “Let It Off”

A feel-good tune!

July 30, 2020 Elle Evans

The West London duo, Alexander and Jet have returned with their brand new feel-good single, Let It Off.

Let It Off captures a new genre for UK music, and while it has been described by fans as happy-confidence, the two insist that what you are listening to is the birth of “Pretty Boy Trap”. Layered on a bed of bouncing melodies and an all-round feel-good spirit, both Alexander and Jet glaze the backdrop with playful bars.

Speaking on the single, Alexander commented;“I’d love to say there is some profound meaning behind ‘Let It Off’, but it isn’t that deep, the whole track came about in around an hour, it was a fun session and I think that’s reflected well in the song”

“I pulled up to the session a bit late, I heard the track and just connected with it straight away, and it was finished 30 minutes later” explained Jet.

Listen to Let It Off above and on Apple Music here.