West London’s Jelani Blackman Releases Personal Single “Tricky”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Jul 2020

Rising West London rapper and singer Jelani Blackman has unveiled his brand new single Tricky.

Arguably his most personal offering to date, this single delves into Jelani’s experiences growing up in London and the different ways in which people experience life. Produced by multi-platinum selling producer and one half of Blonde Jacob Manson, its soulful instrumentation and textured backing vocals point to Jelani’s RnB influences and make a poignant accompaniment to his trademark lyrical depth and inimitable vocal style.

Speaking on the single, Jelani commented; “It’s tricky to live in a world that you understand differently to other people. I hope one day more people understand the world in the same way. Even if we don’t agree, if we at least understand, we can progress. I saw myself and the world clearer when I put these lyrics down, I would like it if other people felt the same when they hear them,”

Listen to Tricky below and on other streaming platforms here.