Wewantwraiths Comes Through With All-New “Push The Button (Freestyle)”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

17 Nov 2020

Wewantwraiths provides motivational new freestyle, entitled “Push The Button” and it’s Teeeezy C directed visual.

Serving up sincerely introspective lyrics from the onset; the rapper let’s out passionate and finely auto-tuned melodies that mesh seamlessly with each massive 808 that makes up the Indigokxd-crafted beat behind him.

Though the aim of this can register as more signified than substantiated, this freestyle (if listened to closely) exemplifies Wewantwraiths ability to transform trap for easy-listening into a vulnerable and meaningful offering for fans.

Tune into Wewantwraiths’ latest cut above…