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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

28 Mar 2013

Words: Daniel Savage

Today, I want to talk to you about a rapper by the name of Youngs Teflon – aka Jimi Conway, aka James Coffee. The many aliases he goes by are just a minor depiction of his many flow patterns and great, vivid story telling.

Youngs is the sort of rapper that I personally love; residing in Stockwell, South London and a former member of the NAA collective, he never lets you down in terms of mixtapes, or albums for that matter. The whirlwind of energy he creates from his tapes to his albums; I’m surprised he doesn’t have British Gas banging down his door charging him extra.

I love his art of storytelling – from GMT 1.5 and the song titled “Ricky”, right through to the Call of duty 2’s “Lil Niki”, he has evolved like that of the Neanderthals to the human race, and that’s just his free music. Over the years Youngs has more than blessed us with free releases; eight mixtapes to date, accompanied by three albums and one EP (the latter can be found on iTunes). He can never be classed as a lazy rapper; he’s like the South London Santa Claus the amount of free presents he gives us in the form of mixtapes.
On the album front, our ears have been caressed with releases such as “Over The Head”- and a personal favourite of mine from his debut release “Wanna be thug” also, the other albums that can be purchased include “GMT 2” which can all be located via iTunes – To purchase Young Teflon’s albums click HERE. Not to be confused with the mixtapes, these show rawness of the highest degree and further display his lyrical wizardry and complex metaphors. On the “Grown Man Thing” with “Gangsters & Da Glamorous” – a personal favourite, and also the GMT 2; I feel he really shows his maturity in easily flowing laid back lyrics. In fact, it’s so mellow I wouldn’t be surprised if he was laying down writing/recording this track. Young Teflon has the unique ability deliver tracks such as “Long Time Ago” and “Harry Potter”, where he manages to merge traditional African cultural attitudes with modern life in the UK.

With the release of the Grown Man Thing 1 & 2, he shows his evolution in the art form of rap and once again confirms that he’s a great storyteller. He’s the modern day Roald Dahl if you will – in the street form, the purest form, with no regulations and no age restrictions – just pure witty, painful lyricism.
Speaking about lyricism, I’d also like to push you in the direction of Tef’s EP titled “Tainted Love”, and the now classically acclaimed “Melissa” – possibly one of his most admired songs. I’d personally like to tip my hat to him for this one – BRILLIANT.


Tef London
Grown Man Ting
Grown Man Thing 1.5
Dukes Of Hazard
Call of Duty CD
Belvedare Music
Call of Duty 2 (riot seasons)


Over The Head
Grown Man Thing 2
Tainted Love EP

Personal favourites: Mixtape- TRILLIN’ Album- GMT 2

Now, after the run-down of the man himself, this is what brings me to the finale. The most anticipated- which in some cases, is rather generic and widely used, especially when in the company of the rap game, but I believe this is going to be Mr Teflon’s greatest achievement to date. “OT2” is set for release on iTunes (and our ears and system speakers) on the 31/3/13. This sees Tef team up with his long term musical partner Carns Hill and also Mr Trapper himself- Blade Brown. Like the three amigos, these individuals are consecutively produce masterpieces. It may be a bit premature in labelling it a masterpiece but I’m that confident of Tef’s abilities, and accompanied with the productions of Carns Hill and Blade Brown, this has the potential to be an absolute classic (no pressure Tef).

Youngs Teflon and Carns Hill go together like a fat kid and cake (sorry 50), like Pinky and the Brain, pigeons in Trafalgar, like the best Siamese pairing known to man – ok I’ll stop now! In reference to Carns and Youngs, what’s the old saying? – “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” Also on “OT2”, we can expect features from the likes of; Mental K, Fem Fel, Blade Brown, Skwilla SDG, OMZ Trapstar, and Skrilla Kid.

So to conclude, we don’t want any individuals with short arms and long pockets around here – I think we owe it to Youngs Teflon to invest in this album as over the years he’s been more than generous to us. I shall be tapping my fingers in anticipation for this release. Remember people: 31/3/13 – OT2 out on iTunes.

To purchase Youngs Teflon’s albums, click HERE

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Words: Daniel Savage

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