Woman Arrested After Sending Man 159K Text Messages After First Date

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

16 Feb 2024

A woman was arrested and accused of stalking after sending a man over 159,000 texts following their first date.

According to the Arizona Republic, Jacqueline Ades sent the man the texts over the course of about 10 months.

She sent the man a number of threatening messages, in one text, Ades reportedly said, “I’d wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet.”

In another disturbing text, she reportedly said, “I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones.”

Ades and the victim had only spoken for a few days via a dating app before they went on the date.

Despite the mans efforts to end communications with Ades, she took it a step further eventually breaking into the man’s house where she allegedly began taking a bath.