Woman Faces 2 Years In Dubai Prison For Telling Flatmate To ‘F*** Off’ On Whatsapp

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

4 Feb 2021

A 31 year old, British woman has been detained in Dubai after her flatmate reported her for saying ‘f**k you’ in a private WhatsApp message. The unnamed lady was trying to return to the UK and was stopped by authorities at the airport who told her that she had an open case against her.

Swearing is considered a crime in Dubai as it ‘disgraces the honour or the modesty’ of a person, according to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code. 

She told The Sun: ‘I can’t believe what my flatmate has done — she has been so spiteful. I pleaded with her to withdraw the complaint but she said, “This is a criminal case”. شراء يانصيب اون لاين

‘I’ve never been in trouble in my life, and I’m shocked that I’ve been criminalised over a private WhatsApp exchange with someone whom I lived with.

‘What’s worse, the messages were from months ago and only now, when I’ve shipped all of my belongings, booked a flight and when my visa is about to expire, do I even find out about this case.

‘I tried to plead with her to drop the case, but she doesn’t seem to care about the impact this is having. لعب بوكر حقيقي

Having already shipped her belongings back to the UK in anticipation of starting her new job, the women is now facing up to two years in jail or a £52,000 (250,000 dirham) fine.