Woman Who Brought 23 Relatives To Dinner Stuck With $3,100 Bill After Blind Date Does A Runner

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

27 Oct 2021

A man was almost left with a massive bill after his blind date brought 23 of her relatives to their dinner date.

In order to test his generosity Mr Lui, 29, was handed the tab for the unexpected family reunion. However the ambitious move backfired when Lui decided to no longer take part in the courting exercise leaving the ,100 (£2,250) bill to be paid by the women. ivermectin doxycycline heartworm treatment dosage

The date set up by his mother concerned with his dating life took place at a restaurant in eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang according to local paper Taizhou Evening News.

Mr. Lui had previously agreed to pay for the meal, without knowing they would be joined by extra guests. ivermectina tableta 6 mg

Mr. Lui was happy to pay for a small portion of the meal but insisted that the woman and her family should be paying for their share