Woman Who Told Twitter To Move To Bali Now Deported Just Days Later

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Jan 2021

When American Kristen Gray, told people to come to Bali in a tweet that went viral, she probably never thought it would end in her deportation.

In her now deleted, viral Twitter thread she talked glowing of how cheap, luxurious and queer friendly Bali was encouraging others to follow in her lead. Gray who is in Indonesia under a visitor stay permit, sold her e-book, put up consultation fees on traveling to Bali and told others how to come to the island under false pretences to get around Covid-19 restrictions. All of this means she can be subject to sanctions according to the Indonesian 2011 Immigration Law.

Head of the Bali office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Jamaruli Manihuruk, said in a statement that official investigation found that Gray had violated a number of immigration laws, including “spreading information that could unsettle the public.”