Yanó Rude’s love is ‘Unconscious’ in debut track.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

9 Aug 2020

This week, Atlanta based Gambian artist and model Yanó Rude, dropped off his debut ‘Unconscious.’

Showcasing an artistry shaped by a multitude of influences, including the current UK scene; US hip-hop; and, the sounds of West African and Reggae greats.

‘Unconscious’ channels all of those elements and more, (of course) with Yanó’s own distinct flair. The result? A track that is so on point, that you can keep it on replay all day — thanks to the artist’s accented and melodic cadence which glides with ease across the infectiously, nuanced instrumental that shimmers and pops beneath his relatable lyricism. Creating an impressive and soaring combination of hip-hop and afro-pop.

“The feelings surrounding this record was recognizing the conflict of interest and how problems become a slippery slope in the absence of communication,” Yanó explains, “the tempo and catchiness mixed with the Afro pop elements makes it an unorthodox tune that I’m cool with,”

‘Unconscious’ comes ahead of Yanó’s debut EP ‘Kalashion’ scheduled for release on the 27th August. While we wait for it’s arrival, why not listen to the track below.