Young Firefighter Commits Suicide ‘after being bullied and discriminated at his station’

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

10 Feb 2021

21-year-old, Jaden Francois-Esprit was found hanged at his home in Wapping, east London on August 26, 2020.

His untimely death came as a result of racial discrimination and bullying his mother believes. does trifexis have ivermectin in it Jayden worked at the Wembley station where his mother Linda Francois said he was singled out for being ‘the only person of colour’. ivermectin toxicity in cats

Jaden had applied for a transfer but was told he’d have to wait eight months because he was still in training.

‘He hated working at Wembley and accused his crew manager of bullying him. As a family we believe Jaden had every intention to go to work on August 26; he prepared his uniform. ivermectin overdose in cat

‘Perhaps the thought of sticking it out for another eight months was unbearable. I don’t think he knew calling in sick was an option. The anxiety got too much and he couldn’t face going back, even for one more day.’

During the inquest she also described a time where he did not want her bringing him home-cooked Caribbean food as he ‘felt uncomfortable’ talking about it to colleagues.

His sister Kelela Francois-Esprit also spoke at the inquest saying Jaden was not enjoying working for the Wembley green watch, being the ‘only black person there’, and that he described how colleagues ‘make comments about me’. She had arranged to meet him for dinner on August 20 2020, six days before he died, the inquest heard.

Station commander Daniel Johnson said: ‘He was exactly where I expected him to be, he was doing well from what I have seen. He said everything was fine, he’s quite a quiet-spoken guy, very polite, smiling a lot.’

In regards to Jaden being the victim of bulling in the station Mr Johnson said: ‘I have never heard of any incidents of him being picked on, bullied or singled out.

His older brother Kairo has started a gofundme with plans to set up the The Jaden Project foundation, which will aim to reduce suicide and depression in humans worldwide.