Next Up? 424KP

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

27 Jul 2023

What makes you Next Up?

I mean, if I was just one of those people looking at numbers, then that is why I would say I’m next up. But I’m not. I make music because I enjoy sharing my stories and perspective with those who want to listen, I enjoy being in the studio, it never feels like work, so I’m always there. That’s why I’m next up. Cause when everyone else is busy trying to look like they’re next up, I’d rather feel like it. And this Next Up was one of the many times I’ve felt right where I’m meant to be.

How difficult or what challenges did you face conquering your sound in a place [China] where it hasn’t been done too often?

I have a love/hate relationship with China, I don’t want to say too much, but growing up there, I obviously am very attached to the culture. As most know China has censorship and that was a problem I had to find a way around, because in China nobody uses Instagram or TikTok (they have their own version) so it was hard for me to grow anywhere except in China when I was out there.

Musically I always felt that I brought that fresh new sound that hasn’t been around for too long, people gravitated towards it wherever I went. Sadly in China, however, my English lyrics weren’t as appreciated due to the language barrier, not that I don’t speak Chinese, but I grew up listening to Dave and them man. I love using wordplay and that isn’t really something that I could not only do in Chinese, but also something that was appreciated to the level I wanted thus me moving back to the UK to pursue my career seriously.

When did you first realise that music was a career you wanted to pursue?

Well, that’s a tough one. I used to wanna kickball and was pretty decent but even then I used to say a rapper was my dream job cause all you had to do was sing your songs and party. I’m not a big party guy these days ironically. Football required lots of practice where your body was being used, eventually, that’s why I stopped playing. But, with music, it’s so easy to do, so easy to play and so easy to share.

That’s where I guess I got trapped. When I was 17 I moved back to China to look after my mum and at the time I would’ve told you I was taking music seriously but in hindsight, I wasn’t really. It wasn’t until I was stuck in quarantine in China (full lockdown no opening your front door quarantine for 2 months not like the UK) then I realised the potential of social media and that my music was actually being appreciated overseas because of the language I choose to make music in. Once I saw that, that’s when I knew. Not long after when the likes of Lil Tjay and NLE Choppa and other people I looked up to started noticing me, that’s when I knew I was on the right path.

How would you describe your Next Up?

Combination ting. Haha. Not much else to be said. I mean we made this in like 2 hours, no pen and paper. It’s just raw, and unique, and it’s got the aggression and passion I love to add to my music. I think this song, like a lot of my others, will do a good job pushing people in their own time, the hustlers, the grinders the people who put in 110% every time. The people like me should enjoy this. Cause I do.

What else do you have planned for the rest of this year?

We just dropped my first proper EP, titled “The First Slice” off the back of the success of my songs “Too Much Pride”, “Safe To Say” and “Us VS Da World”
This 7 song EP brings a whole other vibe, it’s not like my motivational songs, I have a bit more to get off my chest here. This collection of tracks I think can paint a better picture for the listeners of who 424KP really is, how he thinks and what he likes.

For the rest of the year, I think we will be pushing this EP, with new music videos for EVERY song, that’s something I’m quite passionate about. A couple more singles this year and maybe, just maybe another EP before the end of 2023. Right now I had a target for 100 songs made this year, let’s just say we haven’t even got a 1/4 left. The music is ready now, it’s time for me to prepare, not just for myself, but the listeners. They need to be able to receive my music the same way intended it to be. That will require some work and planning, nothing me and Jack haven’t managed before.

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