Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

10 Aug 2023

How would you describe your Next Up?

Legendary. I want it to be one of the best freestyles in the UK. I really believe that this is my time.

Your single ‘Hustlers Don’t Dream’ came out a few months back, what was the message behind that and how does that apply to your life?

Anyone can just go out there and claim they’re a hustler, but hustlers don’t dream, the way I move, ask anyone around me, they’ll say I’m a hustler before anything. It applies to my life.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating music?

There are a lot of places, when it comes to music there are a lot of things behind the actual music like the image. And I’ve learnt that recently. But from the actual music I make, it’s more from my life. I do listen to a lot of artists but there’s no one I ever want to sound like but me. However, I feel at the time is what I’ll create.

What have you learned since making music?

I’ve learnt that the industry is fake. You might not want to put that in this but it’s a façade. At the same time, I’ve learnt that your network is what matters as much as the music.

What’s next for you?

I hope to work with Mixtape Madness a bit more and work with a few more artists. I want to begin my journey of becoming legendary and leave my mark, I’m here for honour and I’ll keep repeating that.

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