Next Up? DTG

Tom Atkinson

By Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

25 Aug 2022

DTG is a name you have probably heard of whether for his feature on S1mba’s smash hit ‘Rover‘ or his recent big single ‘Just Do It‘ with Tobi from the Sidemen. As shown by his career on YouTube and involvement in Church choirs, he’s a multifaceted artist who knows how to make his way in the game.

With his recent single ‘LDN‘ and now his ‘Next Up?’ out, we discussed the lessons of the past and what DTG wants from the future.

How is this ‘Next Up?’ going to change the way people perceive you in the Rap game?

I’m just showing people my versatility really; showing them I can switch it up sometimes 

What lessons from your YouTube career have you brought to your music career?

The process. Idea, plan and execution. It’s an interesting process from picking a beat, putting lyrics together and planning a music video to match but it’s not too far off coming up with a content idea and planning to execute it as well as possible.

You talked in the ‘Next Up?’ about the people not respecting you, has your success changed those opinions?

To most people definitely but you can’t win them all over. It’s definitely improved over the years though. 

What artist that you’re currently listening to, would you like to collaborate with?

I listen to a lot of artists to be honest but Fivio Foreign right now does it for me. After chilling with him and seeing his process and everything his music just hits harder for me now. Always been a fan of his music anyway. I mess with the New York rappers heavily. 

What are your goals for the rest of 2022?

Drop my first project and go from there

You can find DTG on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. His ‘Next Up‘ is out now on the Mixtape Madness YouTube!