Next Up? N15 D Rose

Tom Atkinson

By Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

8 Sep 2022

N15 D Rose is a rising star from the Tottenham area, famous for some of the U.K. scene’s biggest stars like Skepta and Chip. He’s already collaborated with Tottenham’s own Frisco on his ‘Tottenham‘ EP, while achieving over 100k streams with tracks like ‘Sip My Tea‘ and his ‘Who’s Got Bars?‘ freestyle in 2022.

Now, returning to Mixtape Madness after the success of his ‘The Cold Room‘ freestyle last year, N15 D Rose discusses authenticity and who else is about to blow from N15 in this chat following his ‘Next Up?

Your ‘Next Up?’ Talks About Rappers ‘Switching Up.’ How Important is Authenticity to you?

Authenticity to me is one of the most important fundamentals that not just as artists, but as normal people, we have to be authentic in everything we do.

What Lessons Did You Take From Your Time in Prison That Was Used to Further Your Career?

If I’m honest, I more took frustration than lessons, and spun the energy to a positive to help build myself.

What is the Feeling you Get When You Collaborate with Big Artists Like Frisco or M1ONTHEBEAT?

(When) working with anybody or should I say any artist, I feel privileged because I’m only human, no matter how much the people feel me. That’s why I keep it humble.

What Other Talent from N15 Should We Keep an Eye On?

My bro K1 definitely got a lot to show you, so make sure you stay tuned because we’re bringing nothing but movies and the maddest music from here on (in).

In Terms of a Live Show, Where Would you Want to Perform in the Next Year?

If I’m honest I wanna perform everywhere. I don’t have any specifics unless we’re talking like Wireless and stuff. Otherwise, I wanna go everywhere. I don’t really have any order.

N15 D Rose is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. His ‘Next Up?‘ is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms.