Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

4 Aug 2023

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from my favourite artists. I like to incorporate the type of beats and concepts that they rap about. I also get inspiration from my peers around me, I make music so I can put who I love in a better position.

How important are the relationships with your producers/managers etc to your journey?

Having a good relationship with producers is essential because the instrumentals are a big, big part of the song. I find it hard to articulate certain instruments when making beats anyway so having a good relationship makes it way easier. In terms of managers, a good relationship is essential as they look after you. sometimes it shouldn’t always be about business and should be more of a family thing.

How would you describe your Next Up?

The first part of my Next Up? could bring out different types of emotions. The bars are deep/real, while the beat is kind of jumpy/afro. It depends on how the listeners want to interpret it. The second part is similar but gives you more of an uplifting feel.

What had been your most exciting release and why?

So far, probably my single ‘Round & Round’. It was a different type of single from my previous ones and had a good reception on tik tok. I’m due to make songs like that in the future.

What makes you Next Up?

You’ll see.

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