#SinSquad Stewie Joins ‘Next Up?’ Hall of Fame

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

7 Mar 2021

With over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and an exceptional number of streams, joining MM’s Next Up? hall of fame is #SinSquad’s Stewie.

In succession to his 2020 releases Flick and Lethal B, the rapper adopts the same authentic approach in his fluid delivery, which brings flair to the 4-minute track. Adding to this, is the smooth instantaneous switch in production half-way through, which plays to the rapper’s advantage; allowing him to establish a mysterious presence that listeners will feel drawn to.

The city skyline sit’s comfortably behind the artist and brings everything he verbalises in the lyrical content to reality, and as Stewie spits his truth on the minacious production, he’s showing the scene that he really is Next Up.

Watch #SinSquad Stewie’s Next Up? Above!