Afrofusion superstars BNXN and Ruger drop new 7 track EP

Shelby Briggs

By Shelby Briggs

Shelby Briggs

30 Apr 2024

Dynamic Duo BNXN & Ruger drop their highly anticipated 7-track EP “RnB”. This joint projects brings a blend of Afrofusion and R&B. Putting their feud aside to deliver vibrant, contagious vibes just in time for the summer.

“RnB” comes after the two artists took shots at one another online, which is why this was somewhat of a surprise collaboration. Shots were fired but both artists admitted to Billboard that it was their fans & ego that fuelled the fire. It was easy to bury the hatchet once they both saw each-other in real life. Ruger said that once they met each-other you could tell they was both just about the music and there wasn’t any bad blood at all. Stans on the internet made it into something that it wasn’t as both felt there wasn’t any real problem other than their ego. If this is the outcome of burying the hatchet, other artists need to take note!

The project opens with “Bae Bae” a romantic song that sets the tone for the rest of the album as the rest of the songs follow suit. Within an album, there’s always a song that just hits different. “Romeo Must Die” stands out with its vibes, production and vocals that just speak to your soul. Produced by Kukbeatz, the notes blend together seamlessly which is why it’s one of my personal favourites. Not only that, but the vocals are the cherry on top, pulling you deeper with every word.

“Poe” emerges as a personal standout from the project, a lyrical song that paints a vivid portrait of the unparalleled connection between two souls. With poetic finesse, Ruger and BNXN delve into the depth of intimacy, expressing how their bond transcends ordinary love. Lines like “Cause he never jam you to full extent, See you never experience full wetness, But mind you, I’m God sent” resonate with a raw authenticity. Ruger and BNXN showcase their confidence in their ability to fulfill their lover’s deepest desires. And when they boast, “You too soft like fresh Agege, You too hot you need abebe,” it’s like the artists are playfully going back and forth about how they’re the perfect fit for their lover. This song managed to capture the feeling of what it’s like when you’ve met your match.

All in all, I found that the two artists really complimented each-other on each track. I loved how every song exuded happy and romantic vibes, creating a cohesive and uplifting listening experience. It was refreshing to see them put aside any past conflicts and come together for this project, and I believe their collaboration will only improve as they continue to evolve as artists. However, I couldn’t help but feel that the album was missing a certain spark. The tracks started to blend together after a while, and I think adding a bit more diversity in sound would have made it more engaging. Maybe a female feature for backing vocals could have added some extra depth and variety. Overall, while the album showed promise, I’m hopeful that their future projects will push boundaries and explore new creative territories.