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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

18 May 2015


Chip has always been known as a controversial artist in the scene for speaking his mind and addressing situations with sheer, direct honesty. With his latest thoughts on the current state of the Grime scene and speaking on Tinie Tempah and the indirect jabs on his Fire in the Booth, it seems that Chip sparked a Grime war that has brought back the very best in Grime and the competitive streak we once lost.

Chip’s domino effect caused an uproar that made the scene interesting and exciting again, sparking comments and lyrical backlash from MC’s, rappers and fans alike. After weeks of lyrical warfare the North Londoner decided he would be the person to shutdown the critics once and for all with this Heavytrackerz production entitled “The End”. Chip makes it clear that he is ending the petty war and clears up all the rumours including the Chris Brown feature.

Whether Chip purposely provoked the scene or not, he certainly got us anticipating the final product of Believe & Achieve: a two part EP that represents the true side of Chip and the music that reflects his emotions and integrity.

We all know Chip is a lyrical beast and has been for a long time. Chip is more than a warmonger and actually produces music that is authentic for our ears. With the independent release of “Believe & Achieve: Episode 1” are we finally seeing a new side to the Grime scene saviour?

Whilst Chip has been away you can tell that he has been finding his true calling. To be honest Chip is a clear example of an artist who has achieved his success through hard work and faith. With his latest EP Chip continues to re-establish the hunger and aggression that made him such a formidable artist in the UK.

The journey begins with “Where Are You?” a sentimental, thought provoking track which seems like a diary entry for Chip writing on what is on his mind and his life growing up. The track is a brutally honest explanation to the fans as he answers many questions that we needed to know. Although Chip is going back to his roots as an artist, he brings a modern taste to Grime as the productions presented on this EP is not necessarily your typical 140 BPM Grime beats, which the majority of us generally expected. The productions are infused with elements of smooth Hip Hop inspired sounds and majestic samples providing more emphasis for the lyrics.

The fundamentals of the EP certainly feels like old school Chip and this is presented in “School of Grime” featuring D Double E and Jammer, and “Feeling Myself” featuring Kano and Wretch 32.  Both of these tracks have lyrical grime veterans present.

Both tracks offer a formula which is traditional Grime, with each artist spitting fire then passing the baton on for the next artist to showcase their lyrical ability on the track. For a long term listener of Chip and Grime you will feel pleasantly surprised with the nostalgic experience.


A track that stood out on the EP was “Holdin’ That” featuring British vocalist Maverick Sabre. Chip literally expresses all his anxieties and frustration on a track. The personal issues addressed, complemented with the soulful tone of Maverick Sabre proves to be a significant track on the EP. The track provides us with the home truth that we are all battling with our own issues in life and Chip is no exception.


Surprisingly, the first episode closes on a high note with the energetic “I’m Fine” featuring Stormzy and Shalo which is a self explanatory track to not worry about Chip and to focus on your own personal goals.

“Believe & Achieve: Episode 1” deserves to be recognised as a dignified project which stands for something much more than music. The EP may seem tedious having three tracks that have been released already. However, with all the tracks’ being on the EP it begins to makes perfect sense defining Chip’s journey and is a noteworthy EP. Chip has proved once again why he is an advanced artist in the scene and as time progresses, Chip is still excelling musically.

Favourite Track: Make It Home

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Written by Mixtape Madness’ newest blogger:

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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