Chip ‘League of My Own II’ – Track By Track Album Review

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

12 Aug 2017

Revisiting the League Of My Own series! 10 years on in his lengthy career Chip (or Chipmunk as he was then) blesses us with League Of My Own II, his first independent album. The path to this place has been an entertaining one. We got war dubs directed at what felt like everyone in the scene, scattered features, and projects in the mix. Power Up was the best release in this time, with the others falling short at the final hurdle.

The singles dropped prior to the album release have been well-varied genre wise (Dancehall, Rap, and Grime) so let’s see how this sounds in its entirety!

  1. League Of My Own (The Intro)

As someone who has followed Chip for a long time, I really wanted a 64 Bar Statement part II as the intro. I hardly listen to it now but I’m certain I know every lyric off by heart. In usual Chip fashion, what we get is a grime intro with aggression and confidence it also acts as a warning shot to any mc out there that wants to try him. He isn’t saying names though!

“Can’t bury me I’m a seed and I’m blossoming how ya mean?”

  1. Gets Like That (Ft Ghetts)

One of the best back to back grime tracks this year in my opinion. His best is Hear Dis which I still play to this day, this doesn’t hold a candle to that. However, this is a cool bubbly vibe and as expected Ghetts doesn’t disappoint (his wordplay is bananas). Its teacher and student going toe to toe in a sparring session.

  1. Honestly (Ft 67) (Dimzy & LD)

I don’t know if it’s just me but this and Gets Like That sound similar. Production wise it is not what you would describe as “hype”, I think to get the best out of Dimzy and LD you need that. It does flow well from Gets Like That and I’m happy he didn’t have the whole of 67 on the song 6/7 minutes would’ve been way too long.

  1. Snap Snap

What I have noticed with Chip’s Dancehall tunes is they all have features. I understand he’s done this solo to kind of show he can ride that wave on his own. The song itself is too short, a Tion Wayne feature would’ve fit perfectly. So far though everything fits together nicely, even with the change of genres.

  1. Normal (Ft Donae’O) *

Donae’oooooooooooooo! I really can’t let this slide, this is My Circle part 2, what’s going on with that? Even though that is the case, these funky house hybrid songs do it for me and Chip has woken up again so it works well. When Donae’o does these type of hooks the energy levels are always really high.

“3 Dubs Hatrick Normal.”  – Chip


  1. Confirmed

Interesting, this one sound a bit like Drake – Trophies, on the production side and the victorious stance he’s talking from. I will probably say it a few times but his confidence is sky high, it’s the most confident I’ve heard Chip. There are Yungen jabs in this, tell me if you pick them up!

  1. 34 Shots*

There are so many shots for MC’s in this song I wouldn’t have beeen able to pick it up if I didn’t listen to this multiple time, ha! The flow is vicious, it’s  war dub victory lap, for Tinie, Bugzy, Yungen and whoever he’s spun in the last few years. My second standout track on the album so far, there are few big names left so this could change.

  1. Good For You

I did think this would be the tempo change, it’s one Not3s and co would do. A song for the females, an easy going Afrobeats type of vibe. It’s ok, not the strongest song but I guess he must balance the album out.

  1. Little Black Book (The Interlude)

Is this his brother? I assume so, he is dropping some gems on how to deal with fakes.

  1. Amazing Minds (Ft Giggs)

Not going to lie, I fully expected Giggs to spin this to bits. Surprisingly, even with his trademark ad-libs, I think Chip took it,there was no Batman moment. It does feel short of another back to back round.

“Decade in the game like how am I still under 30” – Chip

  1. Scene (Ft Jammer, D Double E, JME, Miraa May & Wiley)

Legendary stuff, this is grime in the purest form, simple hook, bars, bars and more bars. This could’ve gone on for another 10 minutes with more legends on it. I don’t really get the singing part, it flops the fluidity of the song for me.

  1. #YSN

smooth song, but I prefer it when he does these with a higher tempo like More Money More Gal. It’s the best out of the three Dancehall/Afrobeat songs so far. This is him proving he can do the hook game and lay down fire verses.

  1. About Time (Ft Kojo Funds)*

It seems like artists in the scene work with either Kojo Funds or J Hus and not both. This tune represents their second link up since the Extra Lesson Remix (I didn’t feel Kojo’s verse on that). Good vibey collab, they need to make some visuals for sure.

  1. Hit Me Up (Ft Ella Mai)

The album is coming to a natural close, Chip always seems to work very well with the female vocalists on his projects. Ella Mai’s Time EP follows this vibe, very spacious.

  1. Settings

Cool melodies but no, this song isn’t for me it’s too repetitive which I got bored of quickly.

  1. Family (Ft Loick Essien)

The most open song so far a full family tree run through. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t given this level of background to his family before. Nice happy song no indirects or bad vibes.

  1. Loop (The Outro)

A nice lyrical exercise wrap summing up everything he’s gone through and going through.

This project provided a mixed bag of sounds which I expected from Chip, some hit and some missed. We got Grime, Rap and Dancehall infusions throughout. This album is complemented well by its features but unlike some of his older work, he is taking the lead.

To me, his tone is a mixture of aggression and victorious confidence on the majority of the songs; building on Power Up. This channelled energy gives us a powerful balanced album and acts as a solid full length bounce back into the UK scene.

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Top 3 tracks: Normal, 34 Shots and About Time


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