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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

3 Mar 2018

If you’re a UK rap fan, at some point along your musical journey you are going to be recommended to listen to Fredo. Fredo is a UK rapper who embodies everything great regarding UK rap from his flow, to his wordplay and hard hitting bars. Which is why when Fredo announced he was releasing his second mixtape, UK rap fans and UK urban music fans in general were excited for what was to come. Fredo originally burst onto the scenes in 2016 with his track ‘They ain’t 100’, with this track propelling him to success within the UK music scene. This track was a contender for track of the year, and began the career of Fredo as we know him today.

Fredo then followed the monumental success of ‘They ain’t 100’ with tracks such as ‘Pattern Gang’ and ‘Trapspot’. With both of these singles attracting even more fans to him and showing his skillset. The mixtape begins with a classic sounding Fredo track, with the most memorable lyric being ‘Still I trap at night, when will I be satisfied’. The main aspect of Fredo’s music in which I enjoy would be the way in which he tells a story and brings the listeners along with him, while still keeping us engaged with his flow. Fredo’s mixtape is also gifted with a number of parts which make us giggle, with one of the most memorable being on my personal favourite track ‘Rappin and Trappin’, in which Fredo says ‘Same time I had his big sister dropping to her knees’. Which goes to show that not all Fredo’s lyrics are serious and hard hitting, he has a witty banter side which he sometimes brings out.

One theme which occurs throughout Fredo’s mixtape would be honesty. Fredo is emotionally honest and vulnerable, releasing his emotion and thoughts on the tracks, which is why he has such a big fan base. As listeners, we like when we can relate or take the place of the rapper, and this mixtape embodies this type of feeling. In which even if we may not live the type of life that Fredo talks about, we understand where he is coming from. The track ‘Boom Boom’ embodies the whole feeling of the album. With Fredo showing off his flow and where we see Fredo’s aggression come through. The mixtape does not contain any complicated words, and is an easy listen, making Fredo even more relatable, as listeners of the tape are able to digest the tape better, allowing us to paint pictures and imagine what Fredo is rapping about clearer in our heads.

There are a number of features for example Not3s, Desiigner, Dave East and Kaos, among others, which brings the mixtape together. As although Fredo is one of the most talented rappers in the UK, he is not known for his hooks, in which he intelligently uses his features for this purpose. My personal favourite hook being ‘Haters’, in which Not3s flow nonchalantly on the hook of the track, with Fredo coming in on the verses, spitting his hard bars. With ‘Keep it Real’, featuring Desiigner and Dave East, being one of the most surprising tracks on the mixtape, as the instrumental being one in which we do not imagine Fredo spitting on. The instrumental is one which is more suited to an American artist, which is why Desiigner seemed more comfortable on the instrumental, with Fredo handling the instrumental well and doing his job!

The mixtape is one which provides the listeners with an honest, ruthless look into Fredo’s life, revealing the harsh side to his upbringing and the experiences which he has been through, taking the listeners on a journey. All in all, an excellent and honestly raw mixtape from Fredo. Us at Mixtape Madness hope to hear more from him this year, as we believe that he has the raw ingredients to further excel him in his career.

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