Giggs: A first look at ‘Big Bad’

Parris Walters

By Parris Walters

Parris Walters

28 Feb 2019

The past few years have seen a lot of success for the Peckham native, from numerous nominations and awards to collaborations with some of the most influential artists in rap. But now the rapper, dubbed as ‘South London’s finest’, is back with a new 18-track album, where not only can we hear tracks that definitely deliver and stay true to Giggs’ unique sound but also see him linking up with the likes of Swizz Beats, Wretch 32, French Montana and Labrinth (to name a few).

The album is authentic and almost nostalgic in its nature as tracks are delivered with a wit and flow that can only be brought by Giggs himself. Songs like ‘BABY’, ‘GREAT COLLECTIVES’ and ‘TERMINATOR ft. Swizz Beats’ bring a much-needed energy to the album with the use of heavy instrumentals and memorable hooks. A personal favourite of mine on the track list- ‘MIC CHECK ft. Jadakiss’ as it was enjoyable to hear Giggs collaborate with an influential US rapper and create a sound that is reminiscent of mid-2000s East Coast rap.

Since its release, many have commended Giggs on his ability to preserve the ‘UK sound’ within his music without inhibiting his progression as an artist. Previously cited as ‘the godfather of UK rap’,we recognise that there is a clear effort to keep it real, through the inclusion of ‘homegrown’ talent in his work or references in his lyrics that subconsciously remind us of his origin, it is clear why Giggs has been and continues to be such an integral part of the UK music scene.

Stream the album here today.