Good Yute From The 9

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

6 Jul 2016

Now writing about Drill music isn’t really my forte but I just had to write this piece due to the reception and anticipation from this upcoming artist. A1 From The 9 (the ‘9’ being the one and only Edmonton in North London) is one of the most outspoken as well as honest artists coming into the game right now. After dropping a very impressive freestyle on our ‘Mad About Bars’ segment, the excitement and buzz for his long-awaited project reached an all-time high.


Well I’m honoured to announce that the project finally dropped on the 29th June with the title being ‘Good Yute From The 9’ which I feel is kind of an oxymoron and also ironic considering the madness that goes down in Edmonton – which would make it hard for you to be a ‘good yute’ and ironic due to the type of things A1 is rapping about.

The first song entitled ‘Paranoid’ includes an introduction of A1 expressing his feelings to how his life has changed once he started rapping and the rest of the song reiterates that.

The next song to stand out to me was definitely track 2 ‘Opp Niggaz Pt 1’ which originally premiered in January to a great reception and became an official house party anthem (the one where all the boys jump around together). With this song, A1 definitely made his stamp on the game. Yet A1 illustrates art felt musicality and dynamism when he drops “Take My Soul” which is last track on the mixtape.

‘Mumma Told Me Don’t Lack’ is what you could call a homage to A1’s mother but then it quickly turns into a warning song for those who ever try to test this Edmonton native. Quite a twist of events.

To conclude, the mixtape is actually a great way for A1 to declare his unique sound and due to his young age there is plenty of room for growth for him to develop as a musician and go beyond the label “hood rapper”.

by @DebbieThugslife