Is Training Day the UK’s Most Iconic Mixtape?

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

27 Jul 2016

UK Rap has gone from strength to strength in recent years and the progression of the genre has surpassed the expectations of many people who initially believed that UK Rap would not amount to anything. However, we have been blessed with an extensive list of UK classics which has allowed the genre to blossom to the dominant genre we know of today.

We all have our all time favourite projects, it’s inevitable. However, one mixtape that seems to be considered a solid project through and through is Potter Payper’s debut mixtape ‘Training Day’. Released in 2013, ‘Training Day’ cemented Potter Payper’s place in the UK Rap scene and its longevity, depth and structure has allowed it be one of the most relevant and most talked about projects in UK Rap.

With ‘Training Day 2’ expected to drop soon it is only right that we revisit ‘Training Day’ as we focus on why it is such a timeless mixtape, the impact it had on Potter Payper’s career, our top five tracks off the project and much more.

Why ‘Training Day’ is a Groundbreaking Mixtape?

We all knew that Potter Payper is a lyrical beast, but nobody knew exactly what to expect from ‘Training Day’ when it initially dropped back in 2013. However, the mixtape proved to be a very strong debut as Potter Payper gave us nothing but raw honesty, compelling lyrics and a desire for success that proved to be much deeper than rap.

The mixtape had everything from emotion, energy and charisma which proved to be a certified mixtape catered for the streets and all those looking to make it out and stand for something.

‘Training Day’ was a mixtape that focused on the rise of the underdog despite whatever obstacles are faced which is why it has been received so well since its release.

Mixtape Track Structure

‘Training Day’ truly takes us on a journey as Potter Payper invites us into his world with vivid lyrical content that truly paints a detailed picture of his life. The mixtape offers a diverse selection of music that covers different areas of Potter Payper’s life from his family, his struggles and his come up.

The intriguing thing about ‘Training Day’ is that most tracks on the project tend to not use hooks as he tends to demonstrate his lyrical ability and rap throughout on tracks such as “Longtime”, “Ghetto Karaoke” and “Conversations with a Fiend”.

Potter Payper is not making music for it to be catchy, but for it to be relatable to the masses as he shares his story. We are offered the best of both worlds as Potter Payper gives us relentless, raw energy in tracks such as “Superman”, to subtle, thought provoking tracks such as “White Bastard”.

Trials & Tribulations

Training Day is a special project as it does not glamorise the streets in any sense, but allows us to learn about the harsh realities that Potter Payper faced in his life. However, ‘Training Day’ is not all doom and gloom as Potter Payper demonstrates his versatility as a rapper as he proves that he is a living testament that your situation does not define you or define your future.

Potter Payper’s music truly touches his listeners due to its authenticity and the project has become an outlet for supporters that can resonate with the pain covered in the mixtape through the lyricism of Potter Payper.


Before Mover’s unfortunate incarceration, he was definitely due to do major things musically alongside Potter Payper. Both Potter Payper and Mover had great chemistry together and have created tracks that will go down in the archives as some of the greatest collaborations in UK Rap history.

To hear Mover on a track with Potter Payper just defines a moment when UK Rap had no gimmicks, just genuine, real life experiences being voiced by those that knew how to bring the listeners into their world through real, relatable music. Mover was the only rapper to be featured on ‘Training Day’ and it evidently shows us that both Potter Payper and Mover were truly ahead of their time in the UK Rap scene when ‘Training Day’ was released.

Top Five Quotes on Training Day

“Don’t know what to say when my aunty asks how’s my day been /Training day training/Having no money never changed him” (Shooter In The Eyes)
-Potter Payper literally does not have anything positive to say when his family asks about his well-being and still remains the same as he is looking for ways to make money.

“Nanny came on a visit and she just broke down/she said she looks at me as if I was her own child/and only I can choose the road I’m going to go down/So I know I’m on my own when it goes down” (Purple Rain)
-Potter Payper speaks about his nan visiting him in prison as he accepts full responsibility for anything he does and makes it clear that it will only be him that will be paying for his mistakes.

“Talk about bare food coz I’ve been around it/Never bummy, but I’m scummy fam I used to burgle houses” (Mad Years)
– Potter Payper speaks about his lifestyle and the amount of drugs he’s been surrounded with throughout his life and honestly speaks on his life as a burglar and admits to being scummy.

“And chicks are like why does he wear that bally/Well miss prison is a cold cold place” (Rain featuring Python)
– Girls are questioning why he does certain things such as protect his face as they won’t understand what will happen if he gets caught for any illegal activity

“Long time I’ve been seeing marjay crying/Long time she’s been out here struggling, trying/28 grams, all it really took for me to live nice (Longtime)
-He speaks on his mother trying to make ends meet as he’s seen her try numerous times. However, he didn’t realise how simple life started to get once he started selling narcotics.


Top Five Tracks on Training Day
(In no particular order)

“The Mrs” – Potter Payper cleverly uses witty wordplay to make it seem that he is speaking fondly about a woman, only for us to realise he is actually speaking about his admiration for something completely unexpected.

“Purple Rain”- One of the most honest, heartfelt tracks by Potter Payper as he takes time to address his life on a deeper level as he speaks on his relationship with his mother, prison and leading a self destructive path on the roads. Genuine, authentic UK Rap at its finest!

“Outro” featuring Mover – To conclude the mixtape with a feature from Mover was definitely the icing on the cake. The link up will always be one of our favourites as both Potter Payper and Mover gives us that real life rap as both artists on a track never fails to disappoint.

“What She Likes” – This track proved that Potter Payper is a versatile artist as he changes the direction of the mixtape and caters to the girls as he proves his life is much more than pain and struggle, a smooth track that introduces us to a new side of Potter Payper and his artistry.

“Mad Years”- Potter Payper spreads the realness as he speaks on his life growing up and what he had to do to make ends meet. A very sincere offering from Potter Payper as he openly confesses to all the wrong he’s done over the years to provide for his family.

To Conclude…

‘Training Day’ opened many doors for Potter Payper as he has continued to pursue music against all odds to easily become one of the best rappers in the UK.

Potter Payper has produced great projects over the years and with an ever growing fan base we have witnessed the evolution of his music. ‘Training Day’ was not just a debut mixtape for Potter Payper, but a life changing transition for him which potentially changed his life which is why this project is so exceptional.

It is a curse and a blessing that ‘Training Day’ is held in such high regard. However, we have embraced the musical journey of Potter Payper and always respected his music due to the simple fact that he is someone most of us can relate to.

It will be interesting to hear what ‘Training Day 2’ will sound like but due to the fact that Potter Payper respects his craft it is due to be another classic that may not necessarily surpass ‘Training Day’ due to the legendary status it has gained over years but complement it entirely.

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