Italian Sensation, Lazza Debuts First Show In London [Review]

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

16 May 2023

Photo Credits: Alfiero Crisci

It seems as though rap from all corners of the world has bubbled over to different borders and found a place in every one. Italian rapper, Lazza, is no different, quickly becoming one of the most historical musicians to come out of the country. Performing

for the first time in London on Thursday 11th May 2023, filling out the iconic Electric Brixton with the Italian diaspora and dedicated fans.


For a first show, there was nothing short of the highest form of energy from Lazza. With a stripped-back production, the stage only included himself and his DJ, it would seem as though there should’ve been more but that was all that was needed. showcasing his catalogue, the audience absorbed every bit of energy Lazza was radiating, displaying the need for more international shows to happen in the capital.

The show was almost sold out, with songs like his latest single ‘Zonda’ hyping up the audience with even security bopping their head to the beat. For an artist that entered the scene in 2013, Lazza has done his bit by making sure he is still relevant in Italy and has now translated that to global audiences.

Lazza’s last project, ‘Sirio’, became a six times platinum project accumulating over 800M streams, making history by becoming the first Italian artist to chart for 21 consecutive weeks. These facts and figures perfectly translated into why the artist kept his performance so stripped back, allowing his music to do all the work, just as he has always done.