J Hus – The 15th Day [REVIEW] [@JHUSMUSIC]

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

5 Aug 2015

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Hustlaaa Babyyy!


It is undeniable that J Hus has single-handedly taken over 2015. J Hus has become one of the most popular rappers the UK has witnessed and his fan base continues to grow rapidly. With his catchy hooks, Afro Rap influence and energetic live performances, J Hus has all the recipes for success in the UK Rap scene.
Long term fans of J Hus will know about the gritty nature of his lyrics with the many freestyles filmed by UK media platforms such as SBTV, Link Up TV and GRM Daily. However, J Hus has breathed a new life into his music which provides the same rawness, whilst making it more accessible for the masses. This was evident with tracks like “Dem Boy Paigon” a track that spread across the UK like wildfire, gaining acknowledgement from major radio stations like 1Xtra and gaining a massive 2.3 million+ YouTube views. J Hus definitely has something to offer.
A J Hus project was always in the pipeline, but no one knew exactly what to expect from the Newham rapper, whether it would be a mixtape filled with memorable tunes for the raves or for the streets. With the release of ‘The 15th Day’ has J Hus focused on making this a mixtape for his new-found, diverse fan base or is this catered for a particular listener?


J Hus has a variety of features from the likes of Deepee (Section Boyz), Fekky, Mista Silva, Randy Valentine and many more. The diverse selection of features proves that this mixtape has something for everyone to enjoy. Teaming up with the JOAT Muisc Group for this project was a must as the chemistry when they collaborate always proves to be something special.


J Hus is joined with Fekky for the adrenaline fuelled “Drive Me” which was essential considering J Hus and Fekky was always a dream collaboration to drop something explosive for the streets. The track was everything we expected and it just shows that J Hus still knows how to make fiery tracks.
This was soon followed by “No Lie”; an exclusive for GRM daily’s #NextGen10 series which soon had everyone talking about J Hus. The track focuses on all the lies told in the industry, exploiting everyone for who they actually are. The track proved to incorporate all the things the UK loves about J Hus including a crazy hook and nonstop energy.


J Hus is not new to producing catchy summer anthems and tracks like “Calling Me”, Who Are You and Thing For You featuring Mista Silva are the tracks that make J Hus stand out in the UK Rap scene in his own right. Being able to make tunes catered for the ladies, whilst still having everyone else involved is a feat in itself. However, J Hus does it effortlessly.


“Guns n Butter” strays away from the relentless, hype tracks and party orientated tunes to show a more thoughtful side to J Hus as he reflects on life on the street, growing up being involved with a gang and the struggle of living with the police on his back.


There was an immediate fear that the mixtape would be a repetitive project. However, after listening to the mixtape you realise that there is a perfect balance of music. J Hus started making music strictly for the streets, but over time he has grown as an artist and has developed a mixtape that will certainly have you picking out favourites. Although, some tracks easily become better over time.


At a young age, a lot assumed J Hus’ recent success will be a memory in a few months. However, he has proved to the doubters that he can make exceptional music for a diverse set of listeners and with this skill, J Hus will definitely go down as one of the best within time.


Favourite Track: Guns n Butter
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Written by Mixtape Madness’ newest blogger:

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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