JBee Is On The Rise To Stardom

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

13 May 2022

At just 19, it feels as if JBee is carving out his own lane in the UK Rap scene. His single, ‘4AM’, has catapulted the London rapper to heady heights in his relatively short rise to recognition. This track gives you a taste of the talent that JBee has to offer, effortlessly skipping over a mellow instrumental with a catchy brand of hooks and memorable bars. He is an artist who seems to understand the landscape of the scene, and his ear for a beat cannot be underestimated. 

Although Jbee is a reluctant user of social media, the impact that platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have had on his career so far is undoubtable. In order for your music to find success on these apps, it needs to not only be sonically exciting, but also to have a subject matter that most can relate to. That is where JBee struck gold on ‘Talking Stage’, a single that sees the rapper open up about his relationships with women and his regrets of the past. The song has now had over 447 million views on TikTok, demonstrating the rapper’s ability to connect to such a large audience through his lyrics. Of course, the quality of music shouldn’t necessarily be measured on its virality, but JBee is more than a TikTok rapper and the fact that this has all happened organically is testament to his skill set.

JBee also seems to have a knack for beat selection, as he is able to tap into dreamy, vocal backed instrumentals, similar to Dave’s chart topping smash hit, ‘Starlight’. This juxtaposition of acoustic guitar and mellow backing vocals, accompanied by warped basslines and drum patterns typically associated with Drill production, allows the rapper to look beyond the stereotypical arrogant facade typically associated with Rap music and become more lyrically vulnerable and introspective. ‘4AM’ saw JBee work with MasonBeats, who has previously produced tracks for the likes of Digga D, Unknown T, and Fredo. It is therefore clear that JBee is in esteemed company, and the lane is there for him to join these icons of UK music at the pinnacle of the Rap game.

The rapper also delivered an excellent freestyle on Mixtape Madness’s ‘Next Up?’ series earlier this year. Once again, JBee showed his versatility in the two part freestyle, offering different flows on the two beats whilst also showing his talent for hooks. He opens up about his friendships being disrupted by drugs, his love for his family, and his quest for stardom in UK Rap. For an artist so young with a relatively small catalogue, it is impressive to hear how polished JBee sounds behind the microphone, as it never feels as if he is chasing a beat. After opening for A1 X J1 earlier this year, the North London man has had a taste of live performance, and is performing next Wednesday at the Mixtape Madness x Size? Cypher session next week. He looks up to Central Cee and Dave as his musical inspirations, and if JBee is able to continue this upward trajectory in the early stages of his career, there’s no reason why he can’t join his idols at the top soon.