Jordy gets vulnerable & shows his versatility on ‘The Love Ting’ [Review]

Shelby Briggs

By Shelby Briggs

Shelby Briggs

5 Aug 2023

For those keeping tabs on the UK alternative rap scene, you would know that Jordy is at the head of the new wave; with his success only going up & up. Recently acknowledged as one of the best in the UK rap scene by American rapper Russ on his uk visit as well as Complex, Wonderland, Hypebeast, Us & more all naming him as one to watch last year, he solidifies his critically acclaimed reputation with highly anticipated ‘The Love Ting’. An album with 8 tracks, where Jordy adopts a more vulnerable approach to his music, showing his versatility & authenticity. We also get to see more of his personality in the Filthy Fellas Podcast, alongside his new tongue in cheek series ‘The Love Ting’ which has a variety of interesting guests such as Mimi the Music Blogger, PK Humble, Specs & More.

Jordy starts with a strong intro track. ‘Say Where’ cements Jordy’s songwriting ability and shows off his storytelling as he takes on a journey. Jordy gets transparent about his feelings, demonstrating how love hit him out of nowhere as he explains how this new girl is his kryptonite. Jordy’s laidback flow compliments the romantic lyrics as the contrast shows the struggle Jordy is dealing with ‘Producer said I’m taking the piss, Fuck it, I’m taking the piss tonight’ showing that this girl is his weakness because he priorities her too much but he’s unapologetic about it.

‘Too much’ is a different take, and a beautiful contrast. Instead of lover boy Jordy, this melodic track reveals Jordy’s player ways. The infectious smooth beat, with subtle guitar notes leaves a tranquil overtone despite the song describing how it’s too much stress having so many girls on him. Jordy recruits Louis Rei for this track where both artists compliment each-other well; to the point where it flowed so much that it almost sounds effortless. Louis Rei on the hook was an excellent choice as his deep vocals helped to amplify this song. His flow on this track is infectious and catchy, making this track the one that stood out the most from the album. ‘She gets me on a deep one, sweet one, yard ting. And I got a Naijj one sweet like plantain.’ Jordy brags about how versatile his taste is including links from different areas, countries and so forth, so ‘Too Much’ should appeal to everyone. Jordy also dropped the visuals for this, celebrating different types of women in black & white lighting, creating nostalgic vibes throughout. The visuals only prove further that Jordy always thinks outside the box.

Jordy – Too Much

All your fault’ is another raw and honest track, a lovers to strangers trope but again Jordy asserts himself with his intelligent bars & melodies. ‘I never thought I could turn so anti you, I remember when I used to off panty you.’ This paired with the soft and delicate vocals in the background is nostalgic as ‘All your fault’ has 90s R&B vibes, as Jordy blames his ex lover for everything. ‘Fallin’ is another soft, romantic, with the harmonies in the background making the song sound like a trance. This reflects how Jordy himself feels like he is in a trance ‘Can you catch me? Cause I’m fallin’. This track is refreshing as Jordy is being completely transparent and is one of his most vulnerable tracks to date.

Coming to the middle of the album, Jordy is conistent with his storytelling style. ‘Jada’s reprise’ features Jada’s angelic vocals, against soft guitar strums making this a gentle yet raw song. Jada, one of the UK’s more lowkey artists deserves her flowers for this one & hopefully there will be more features to come as her voice is perfect for hooks. This goes onto the next track ‘More or Less’, which is essentially part 2 to the song but from Jordy’s POV. It was a good creative decision to split it into 2 different songs. It’s authentic and portrays the 2 different perspectives. ‘She loves me’ features Elt Cheekz, and the dynamic duo delivered again. It’s a more fast-paced track where the two explain that their love interest loves too hard.

Closing the album with ‘Lie detector’ which features Kehina is a great outro. It’s a reflective track, talking about more than just sex & love. “I’ve got people praying on my downfall too, but if I ever make it rain they’re in that downfall too…”. Kehina & Jordy talk about the highs & lows of success showing the juxtaposition as they both love & hate it. Jordy solidifies his songwriting ability, showing how he’s able to talk about different topics and make it flow effortlessly.

Jordy provided a refreshing & authentic album, as all of these tracks felt original and raw while he also managed to show his versatility, from his vocals to his hard hitting bars. The production on this album was clean, which gives some of these tracks the replay factor due to the harmonious vocals used in the background & the clever way they used layers of different instruments. It’s also commendable that Jordy used features that make sense such as Rising Star Jada & Kehina rather than going for more popular artists as this helped Jordy to curate his own authentic sound and stand out more. Considering the project is called ‘The Love Ting’, Jordy kept it consistent and took the listeners through all the different emotions of love and relationships, through his distinguished songwriting. Overall, Jordy delivered a solid project, as well as coming up with creative ideas for visuals & the marketing rollout. His unique sound is refreshing and the alternative rap scene should be excited for what’s next from him.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to ‘The Love Ting’ here!