Jordy Shows Why He Is Tipped For The Top On ‘KMT’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

30 May 2022

Last week Jordy dropped off his latest project, ‘KMT’, capping off a year where the North London artist has gone from strength to strength. Before 2021 we had only seen glimpses of his unique talent; be that on his breakout hit, ‘A13’, or his work with the rap collective ‘Vibbar’. Fans of the rapper however were rewarded last year with ‘SMH’, a stellar seven track EP that put him on the map and saw Jordy land himself on several ‘Ones To Watch’ lists going into 2022. His latest offering does not disappoint, as Jordy has proved exactly why he was hotly tipped going into this year. There are few in this country who can even come close to him lyrically, while Jordy continues to curate his own sound, making the project sharp and distinctive. can humans take animal ivermectin orally

Instrumentally, the tape feels cohesive whilst also managing to offer enough variation throughout its six tracks. The vocal samples on the opening song ‘Serious Sickhead’ slide perfectly into the warped introduction to the bouncy, playful second track, ‘Buck Me’. Working with The Confect on this project has made the tape sonically coherent, and the tracks all feel as if they belong together. The production takes the listener on a journey, which is difficult to do in such a short span of songs. The listener can move from the dreamy, guitar led sounds of ‘Enemies’ to the darker, more atmospheric undertones of ‘Peak!’. Jordy and the production team have managed to create an EP that has its own unique sound, something that is not to be sniffed at in a culture that seems to be copycatting and sampling so often.

When it comes to actually rapping, ‘KMT’ might be Jordy’s best project to date. The artist’s ability to switch flows and find pockets is impeccable, whilst his lyricism has also found another level on this project. On ‘Enemies’, Jordy raps about ‘dumbing down songs’ in the past to appeal to a wider audience, yet on this EP it feels as if he is at his unadulterated best. The switch of flow on ‘Buck Me’ for the Zendaya bar gives that song an injection of energy, whilst ‘Serious Sickhead’ sees Jordy at his most complete, providing a catchy hook to go along with his witty, straight talking lyrical style.

What really sets this EP apart from anything Jordy has previously dropped as a solo artist comes from the features on the record. His cousin, Elt Cheekz, pops up throughout the tape and the two artists bounce off each other perfectly. who manufactures the drug ivermectin This can be seen in particular on the final track, ‘Special’, where both rappers go back to back, trading one liners whilst also going back and forth on the hook. Both artists have a great chemistry together and fans will be hoping to see more from them in the near future, with rumours of a joint tape on the horizon. The other feature comes from Wretch 32 on probably the best track on the tape, ‘Forty Acres’. I interviewed Jordy a few weeks ago in the run up to the project, and he told me that Wretch texted his producer saying, ‘Tell that little f*ck I wanna see him in studio’. Jordy clearly did not shy away from this invitation and both rappers brought out the best in each other on this song. Very few rappers in the UK, if not the world, can go toe to toe on a track with Wretch like this and not come out unscathed, but Jordy more than held his own and the track as a whole feels career defining at this stage of his musical journey. how long does ivermectin stay in your body for treatment of scabies

‘KMT’ therefore picks up from where ‘SMH’ left off, and Jordy has proven himself again as one of the most exciting talents coming out of the UK scene today. As UK Rap has blown up in the mainstream, there seems to be a new wave of more alternative rappers that are doing it their own way and who are delivering projects that feel true to themselves. You only have to look at Knucks outselling Jack Harlow in his first week to see that there can be success in this industry without compromising your sound. With his lyrical ability and an ear for sonically engaging production, Jordy can be one of the leaders of this new generation. When the time comes for a longer release, there is no doubt that his talent will translate and Jordy will be competing in the highest echelons that UK Rap has to offer.