Juls Brings the Vibes on New Project, ‘Sounds of My World’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

8 Oct 2021

Energy is something in music that is intangible, yet it plays a key role in the translation of music between artist and listener. Juls is a master of controlling this energy, and his album, ‘Sounds of My World’, combines a wide array of artists and genres to create a project that is fuelled with positivity and vitality. Following on from his 2019 release, ‘Colour’, Juls has managed to prove himself both in terms of production and as an A&R, combining dreamy soundscapes with the correct talent to create a body of work that provides the listener with a diverse selection of atmospheric tracks.

Juls should first be praised for his work as producer on this record. Owing to the nature of the producer’s artistry, his music will always be based in the realm of collaboration. does flea shampoo have ivermectin However, that is not to say that this diminishes from what Juls has created in any way. With the heavy number of features across the album, the task of creating beats and instrumentals for such an assorted cast, whilst also making the record a singular, coherent body of work is a mammoth task. ivermectin oral tractor supply The artist has managed to blend a formation of genres to create a sonic backdrop to the album that is unique and distinctive. We can go from influences of Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Hip Hop all within the same track, and we can even see a South American flair creep in on the production of ‘Love Language’ with Mayra Andrade. This thus proves that whilst the serious feature talent leads the way on the project, this would not be possible without the strong foundations set up by Juls. Furthermore, the use of live instrumentation brings the sonic energy discussed in the first paragraph. Juls’ use of saxophones and guitar strings across the album create a sound that is rich and expansive. The title of the album is thus apt, as the unique style of the artist should make the listener feel that they really are delving into the sounds of the world of Juls.

As well as the stellar production that runs throughout the project, we have to give Juls his flowers for his work as an A&R on the album. When this amount of talent from such a broad range of genres is amassed on one tape, there is a danger that the collaborations won’t mesh and will feel forced. However, the genius of this album comes from the pairings and groupings of talent that has been orchestrated by Juls, as the artist creates a synergy between the featured artists that elevates the musical output, rather than diminishing from it. Prettyboy D-O and Suspect bounce off each other on the track, ‘Alarm’, while Wizkid, Agent Sasco, and JAEL have been brought together by Juls to create an infectious opener to the album, ‘Close To Me’, that sets the tone for the rest of the tape. The skill of collaboration can often be overlooked, as it is not as simple as getting the hottest artists of the moment on a track together and hoping things work out. Juls is a champion of this talent, as there is less concern about the biggest names than there is about creating pieces of music that as a whole are greater than the sum of their parts. 

At the start of the song, ‘Wicked’, Sam Wise unintentionally sums up the overarching theme of the record when he says, ‘Positive vibrations, Good vibes, All the time’.  The album explores feelings of love and relationships, with ‘Say You Love Me’ a stand out example of this. On the track, A2 delivers two outstanding verses whilst being accompanied by the dreamy vocals of Karun and Xenia Manasseh against the celestial backdrop of guitar strings and mellow drums. Elsewhere, Bas delivers a strong performance on ‘Wish You’, and the undeniable chemistry on the previously mentioned ‘Wicked’ between Sam Wise, Knucks, and Kadiata has created a track with infectious vibrancy. One of the more unique and touching moments on the album however comes on the second track, ‘Summer In The Ends’. George the Poet kicks off this song with almost a call for meditation, putting the listener at ease before the record really kicks into gear. ivermectin paste roundworms Later on in the track, Juls combines a selection of recordings from different people, saying what music means to them. This idea that Juls brings to life is demonstrative that Juls really is in this for the music, and wants to create a project that puts this at the forefront, rather than hiding behind gimmicks.

‘Sounds of My World’ puts Juls in the very top bracket of artists and music curators in the UK. The combination of rich, tranquil instrumentation, as well as the chemistry between artists leading the tracks has created an album that is energetic and fresh. When we speak of talent in the UK, perhaps we are too focussed on those who are holding the microphone. Juls has proven on this record that his talent shines through, even if he is further away from centre stage.