Lavida Loca gives us “2 Sides” in brand new EP

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

17 Apr 2020

If anyone was destined to make our current situation more bearable, it’s the vivacious newcomer Lavida Loca.

The phenom has arrived to turn our frowns upside down with the release of her brand new EP ‘Two Sides’. Not only does she captivate us with the rawness of her aura, her diverse sound and no nonsense cadence, Lavida keeps us entertained with her compelling ability to vividly story-tell.

The project’s title says it all, giving us just a small glimpse of the complex woman she is. The South Londoner’s journey commenced just last year, with her first release “The Kings back” – a gritty piece to commemorate her return to the roads. Since then, she’s done a great job of building anticipation around her artistry, teasing fans with 4 singles; two of which are featured on the project. Teaming up with two promising talents: rapper C.S on “I Been” and Miss Lafamilia, on “No Snack”. Lavida gave MM the rundown, “My EP ‘2 sides’ has 2 different messages to be understood from it so the EP itself has 2 sides to it.

She express that at first glances, although you are met with her glamorous exterior, she stresses she’s just your normal 22-year-old who indulges in keeping herself staying well-kept (I’m sure we’ve all seen that gorgeous face and those impressive nails). Thus the single “No Snack” in which she makes sure we know she’s not a ‘snack’ but the ‘whole damn platter’ – an offering that’ll stand as a ladies anthem for many years to come!

However her reality is a real contrast, “I’ve been brought up in a mans world” hence the single “I Been” where we begin to gauge the grittier parts of her lifestyle “I been up in ‘O’, I been selling snow, I been bagging dirt in the trap.

In addition to the money, glitz and trapping. The MC wants her fans to get the bigger picture, “What I wanted people to understand was that there is always 2 sides to every story, which can be heard in the introduction of the EP. I would love for people to be more open minded in the fact that there are people who are dealt different cards and may end up on a different path to you,” an important sentiment to project. She aims to ground her fans and debunk the myths surrounding the over glamourised “trappers” lifestyle. 

Speaking specifically about the track that kicks off the project, “2 Sides” stands as a raw and striking depiction of two lives that directly impact one another: The “Fiend” and The “Trapper”.  Unveiling a humbling narrative of a “nitty” that is often mocked throughout music, she travails the story of Bryon, a girl addicted to drugs at the hands of a man who promised her the world, yet brought her nothing but hell. 

While sharing her own internal monologue and shedding light on the gripping trials and tribulations that lead her to take the path that she’s on.

Between her heavier tracks, Lavida also uplifts us with her sweet melodies on “Farmer” and “No Drama”, proving that she’s an artist that can do it all – a talent we hope to hear her make use of more in future.

To conclude, this project is a beautifully executed introduction to the world of Lavida Loca and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store!

Listen to “2 Sides” below and on Apple Music here.