Lenny Kravitz Makes a Notable Comeback with ‘TK421’

Tom Atkinson

By Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

19 Oct 2023

Lenny Kravitz is a rock icon at this point. He has many anthems to his name including ‘Fly Away‘ and ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way‘. After three years without a solo release, he is back with a track that fans are sure to love, ‘TK421‘.

In terms of lyrics, it’s classic Lenny with a confident delivery and infectious chorus. The song’s title is reportedly an obscure Star Wars reference, but the message is about pure passionate relations. This may be what you expect from Kravitz, but he knows how to make a hook that sticks in your head.

On the production side of things, this is a change of pace with the electro-rock sound. It sees the typical top-notch guitar playing matched with a keyboard. These two instruments feel like a match made in heaven and the use of brass towards the end is the cherry on top.

This may be a comeback, but it is like this legendary artist never left. The song is accompanied by a video that certainly matches the vibe and should certainly not be consumed in public. He knows how to deliver the good stuff and fans will be excited for his next LP set to release in 2024.

Lenny Kravitz is on Instagram, X, and TikTok.