Lunar C – Breakdown Rebuild [REVIEW][@LunarCFT]

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

7 Jun 2015

This year we have all heard the grime wars from London to Brum to Manny, between Chip, Bugzy Malone, Skepta, Devilman and anyone who lives in between. Well perhaps anywhere in between apart from Bradford, because when it comes battling on the mic Lunar C is definitely one to avoid:

Battle rap aside can Lunar C still make a meticulous mixtape? After his hiatus, can he still stick a middle finger to haters surpass his Sewer Side Sex standards? Or is he now commercial, celibate chilling at the Crown Plaza with a ciggy?

Lunar being Lunar, he kicks off the mixtape with a rago rock vibe on “Pocket Full Of F%*kalls”, and rather simply this bar highlights the whole vibe of the track:

F%*k your swag I’m a punk rocker, don’t be fooled by what I’m wearing I’m sponsored by F%*k Locker

Better pay up, I ain’t pro bono F%*k you u2

You listen this track and think to yourself the dude drops his first mixtape in 3 three years and asserts himself on the rap throne and he probably doesn’t even want it.

Dream Mc Clean and Lunar C prove to be a tenacious duo on “1,000 bitches” proving their mojos are still active, even if it is only for 6 minutes. Radical feminist may disagree but over this thumping beat they show no remorse as they destroy it. Picture a more authentic, UK gritty version of Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin.

she ain’t brushed her teeth but she’s already had Mc Clean’s in her mouth

“No Pain Evolve and Adapt” has a summer melodic sound whereby Lunar via whit and humorous lyrics displays his grit and self determination to overcome obstacles such as self doubt and being content with mediocrity to propel himself forward in life. The second half of the track switches up into Bhangra drum feeling sound which sees Lunar C sticking a middle finger anyone he feels warrants it. This track highlights the refreshingly dynamic songs produced on this mixtape and encapsulates the Breakdown Rebuild theme.

Upside Down is a shout to FT on a futuristic beat which sees Lunar bombarded the beat with more clever and witty lyricism. Whereas the Shnaffleberry in contrast laments a more old school vibe, against Oriental chimes with a hypnotic feel to it. This of course marries with stoner lyrics delivered by Lunar.

Then you get to hilarious random innovative tracks such as “Shag my Sister” which says what it does on the tin to be honest. The jovial bars from Lunar C and Tommy Dockerz will have you in stitches. As we know Pimpin has clearly entered a recession so a 20 deck and pack of rizzla will get you a night with female Lunar with tits!!

Mixtape titled, Breakdown Rebuild sees Lunar spit faster paced over a daring psychotic piano filled beat illustrating his intent and lyrical prowess. In contrast New Beginnings take us down a Bradford memory lane. In fact in the last quarter of the mixtape, Lunar C in his own weird way gets a slighly deeper which is personified best by New World…

Part of the last generation to have a childhood

The production on this mixtape is album worthy fused with Lunar C’s penmanship illustrates that he is in a lane of his own when it comes real hip hop. So light a zute and kick back to this collection of bangers or find him at a festival and start a mosh pit.

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