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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

9 Sep 2012

Most can still remember Mercston for a string of bangers he put out around mid 2000’s such as Summertime as well as the fact that he is a part of grime super group “The Movement”. He had strong a feature on Ghetts mixtape last Christmas as well as on Wretchercise but can he stand strong alone on a mixtape?

Mercston’s sound has definitely matured and is far more experimental on this mixtape. We go from a rock edged aggressive tracks to mellow reggae vibes like Tsunami, which is an easy listening strong track. Through out the mixtape he maintains a calm flow and increases the speed where necessary. The mixtape also possesses strong features such as Lioness, Young Kye, Scorcher, J2K, Bigz, Wizzy Wow, Slix, Slic Vic, Ms.Jaie, Tone and Ghetts but to name a few.

The video “Roundin Up” has some Youtubers comparing Mercston to Scorcher but E-Class sounds nothing like anything Scorcher has put out. The flows are clearly distinct, slight similarities in the voice tone but 2 different musicians. Although judge for yourself when you play the track “Sexy”. This track along with “interlude” (big tune), “I wana” (feat Lioness, she goes in) and “After Hours” ensures that E-Class will definitely make a few women smile.

One of my favourite tracks “Page Away” caught 4 reloads and its a transparent and reflective track wrestling with life’s materialistic yet spiritual aspirations.

“I often meditate and see a picture of my mind where I levitate”

From “Page Away” you then go to the club banger “Try” featuring Tone and one must appreciate how many different sides of his character that he depicts on this mixtape.

Mercston in my books not the type of artist I will look for if I wanted to hear a sick freestyle or on a set but I will always go out of my way to listen to a Mercston track, he understands the science of making a good quality single. Honestly this mixtape beats certain albums that have charted this year but that being said I feel it should have been a 16 track mixtape. I hope this mixtape gets the acknowledgement it deserves. Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

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