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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

8 Mar 2013


I’m back ladies and gentlemen; like herpes, only more infectious. Today I want to talk to you about a rapper that I refer to as the ‘Aggy One’- the sort of rapper that makes you want to slap your nan, drive 100mph in a 30 zone (neither are advisable), and rock your head so hard it looks like you have a medical condition. Yes, I’m talking about none other than Mr Mic Righteous. Hailing out of Margate and a part of the ‘People’s Army’ collective, Mic has blessed us with a 7 track EP “Open Mic” on this aptly titled album. Mic Bleeds Pain and lyrical wizardry over infectious beats.

Track one: The pen

This does exactly what it says tin; with acoustic guitar supporting him, Mic depicts the evolution of the pen. And by the pen, I’m referring to stone carvings, hieroglyphics, William Shakespeare’s quill, the biro – not big burly men curling dumb-bells at Her Majesty’s pleasure. I personally love this tune, with amazingly structured lines and a simple beat, this song just flows. This is what makes me proud of UK Hip-Hop.

Track two: Hold it down

A more commercially acceptable tune to Mic’s normal aggressiveness, here Mic puts an arm around his listeners pushing us to reach our goals, although it does seem he’s jousting between positivity and negativity. Accompanied with an electric guitar, hard hitting rock drums, and choir-esque vocals supporting him; Not one of Mic’s best tunes in my eyes – but I’ll let you lovely people decide.

Track three: Verbal murder

My only problem with his tune is that it’s not long enough. Mic “aggyone” Righteous is at his aggressive best and is AK-47’ing our ears. This is a big F’ you to the music industry and those that drain the life out of our beautiful scene. With high piano keys and raspy flow, Mic head butts this tune and throws it down spiky stairs.

Track four: Up all night

Another song I can see played on daytime radio; Mic just has fun with this tune. With a nice guitar sound and an 80’s flow, he’s on a positive tip here giving us an insight to a day in the life of Mr Righteous.

Track five: Ghost town

Mic seems to pay homage to the scene saving him both mentally and physically; he’s giving special accreditation to his fans. Mic even shows his vocal abilities in this track, and although he’s no Maxwell or Trey Songs, I tip my hat to him on this. The production I’m not feeling personally, although it must be said it’s saved by Mic’s wittiness and flow switches; he seems to be pinching himself at his musical success, but also the pressures that follow such success.

Track six: king of hearts

A painful production allows Mic to open up and bare his soul on this brilliantly crafted tune, with supporting vocals by the soulstress Eli Chi – this is a beautifully written/made song. With punishing snares, violins and nice bass line, you can be forgiven for getting lost in this tune.
Track seven: Intro
Now this is what makes me proud of UK HIP-HOP; pure and utter lyricism. What can only be described as a wolf howling in the background, Mic literally cuts himself open and bleeds all over this tune. Not many rappers make my hairs stand on end, but after hearing this they’re pointing north; the pain on this tune makes my tear ducts leak – MASTERFUL.

So to conclude, this is a very good album and definitely worth an investment of £3.99. I mean, think about it – you can barely buy a decent meal for that price. Mic is a painful poet and it’s evident all over this EP, and by laying his heart and jugular on the table this will do nothing to hurt his fan structure. The rawness of the songs and the pain Mic displays just makes you love him as a poet even more. If anyone sees Mic, give my guy a hug; he displays extreme loneliness on this album and I’m surprised my speakers didn’t start bleeding.

Mic Righteous album out now “OPEN MIC”

Follow Mic Righteous: @micrighteous

Words: Daniel Savage

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