MIXTAPE REVIEW: Jaimz – Keeping My Balance

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

5 Nov 2013

Standout Tracks: A Light, Never Know, Dead Presidents, Outtro, My Way

Jaimz is MC/Producer from North London formally known as Juvenville Jaimz, at the tender age of 19 Jaimz delivers a solid and consistent mixtape, the production compliments Jaimz’s rhymes probebly because he has produced most of the tracks, its refreshing to hear an MC who isn’t “murkin catz” like the fact Jaimz is doing Jaimz nobody can do him better than him.

The production is tight with a wide variety of influences I can hear Just Blaze, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Slick Rick along with a strong Jazz, African and UK Grime/Hip Hopinfluence.

I like the fact there is a mix of old and new school produce. One thing that sticks out for me is his positive lyrics towards the fairer sex, some people may think he is soft for not disrespecting women, in my opinion it shows more strength than the masses who spend time focusing on the negative.

My Way [Favourite Track]:
This is an ode to all the women be they from London, Carribbean and Africa, I love the lyrical content, the african vocal sample is sick, and Im a sucker for a traditional breakbeat.

A Light:
This is sick too, beautiful vocal sample, love the guitar lick, very simple but effective production, this is basically a love song without the sickilness of some love raps done other rappers. I could see this being played on radio, reminds me of The Fugees or Brown Skin Woman by Black Star, possible future classic, if hes gonna do a video he should choose this track as i can see this one crossing over.

Never Know:
I like the flow on this good twist on the original sample I wont reveal sauces, but the flip on the piano sample is sick top use 🙂

Love the more uptempo vibe on this, and Jaimz flexes more lyrical and flow skills.

Dead Presidents:
Liked his flip on this no mean feat as it takes a decent MC to stand up on one of the greatest tracks of All time.

DJ Limelight did a good job of hosting the mixtape introducing the tracks without being allover it name checking himself like so many bad mixtape hosts do.

In all I am looking forward to hearing more music from Jaimz, as he is a positive light in a sea of negative buck buck, blam blam wanna be gangsta rap/grime. I think the has potential to be go mainstream without selling out.

Thumbs up Brother.

Words by Razebrookz

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