[Mixtape review] Little Dee – Spare Time vol. 4


By Georgina


18 Dec 2013

By Conner Docherty

In the first door of your advent calendar this year you found Little Dee’s Spare Time Volume 4. This 11-track mixtape contains features from BBK’s very own Frisco, his OG peers and none the less Hipman Junky. Little Dee has also done his own cover of the highly prestige Pound Cake.

In Live It Up featuring Hipman Junky one of the messages is about living life to the full: ‘every night’s new years’ eve December or not’. Little Dee also mentions how hard he has worked to be in the position he is in now: ‘I work hard till the work pays off / my work rate’s why I’m up late whatever the clock’. Next track Rated, produced by Birmingham based Swifter, has a high pitched beat in the background and Little Dee’s rapping matches the fast tempo and certainly gets your head bopping.

Quick Pattern follows with another energetic, high-tempo beat. Little Dee drops a hint at how easy it is for him to write bars: ‘writer’s block – whats that rudeboy’ showing his confidence, which certainly comes across in this song. Adding to his confident delivery he explains ‘let me go straight in, I’m a star’ and ‘I ain’t got no haters’.

One Day is a more slow song that gets you zoning; one of the first lines is ‘one day we’ll get away, build a raft and sail away’, which could allude to an idea of Dee putting in work now for him to have a stable life away from the hood in years to come. Now onto Genuine which, like Quick Pattern, Little Dee automatically asserts his confidence in himself: ‘nobody panic, the best white rapper since rabbit’.

Pound Cake is a highly rated song that everybody seems to be covering at the moment so if Little Dee wanted to set himself aside from everyone else he certainly had to produce something special, and as expected he went in. Personally, I think this is the best Pound Cake cover yet and is definitely on a par with the original. The link-up between OG’s and BBK was always going to be pure fire and Little Dee and Frisco didn’t disappoint.

[youtube id=”a0D_wUQsiN0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Music World is another fast tempo track and exactly what you would expect from OG’s and BBK, with a catchy chorus and Dee and Frisco absolutely murdering their verses. This is a song that no one could get bored of.

Track 9 New Skool featuring OG’s is a typical OG’s song and, as per usual, is pure fire and yet again this song is pouring with confidence: ‘we’re the leaders of the new skool, but they love us coz we’re old skool’. These bars suggest that OG’s are still running the game and are ahead of all the up and coming rappers, but they’re sticking to their roots and don’t have to change to be on top of their game.

The final track on this mixtape What We Do featuring OG’s is the perfect way to end Little Dee’s mixtape. The typical grimy banger from OG’s tops off what is a fantastic mixtape and a perfect way to start the Christmas period.

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